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Falanisesi and Mike

Falanisesi and Mike

Celebration Story, Tongan

This may sound superficial…..She was everything we thought she’d be, when we first saw her photo on her website and proved to be even more, when we met. Michael & I were delighted when Aurora said “Yes” she would be our celebrant. The stars aligned themselves to having her available on our wedding day & we weren’t disappointed.
Getting married for the second time we knew there’d be some challenges along the way…..I mean with blending six children (19-27yrs) why wouldn’t there be?
I remember sitting in Aurora’s lounge whilst explaining our situation & feeling quite vulnerable & teary. Aurora seemed to take it all in with her warm brown eyes, with tissues at hand and understand immediately the complexity of trying to make it all work.
And it did!
We had the most amazing wedding that celebrated both parties & friends became family on our very special day. Aurora helped us celebrate & seal our past, our present & future.

Thank you Aurora


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